Running and Scapes


Once upon a time, I went out for a quick run. The sky was serene and cloudless and oh-so-blue. The sun was shining so bright I actually decided to wear a hat (which I never ever do). I slathered myself in sunscreen (spf 700), drank a bottle of water, laced up my shoes, and headed out on my favorite trail.

And it was perfect.

Everything about it was completely and entirely perfect.

People often ask me why I like to run and it’s hard to put it into words really.  I’ve been running a few times per week since I was in middle school so a lot of my running at this point is just plain habit. They say that old habits die hard. It’s true.

There are days, weeks, and even months that I don’t really enjoy running.  Sometimes, I actually hate it. But I don’t run for the sweaty, gasping-for air, blistered feet, achy-kneed, sick-to-my-stomach, when-will-this-ever-end running experiences. Nobody runs for those days.

For every so many painful miles, you’re gifted a few good ones and it makes it all worthwhile.

The type of run where your legs feel weightless

The type of run where your breathing is quiet, rhythmic, and effortless

The type of run where the weather (no matter if it is raining, windy, cold, snowing, sunny, or humid) feels perfect

The type of run where your worries vanish, your fears seem irrational, and your problems suddenly seem solvable

The type of run where the minutes become miles faster than they ever do

The type of run where you hope you never reach home again

… and the mere idea that I could have another run like that tomorrow or the next day or maybe 3 weeks from now….

That’s why I run.



White Bean and Scapes Dip
Source: NY Times Cooking 
Printable Recipe

1/3C sliced garlic scapes
1-2T freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2tsp salt
ground black pepper
1 (15oz) can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
1/4C olive oil

Place scapes, lemon juice, salt and pepper into food processor. Blend until finely chopped.
Add beans and blend until it’s a puree. Slowly drizzle in olive oil while the mixture is blending.
Taste and adjust seasonings.



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