Don’t Google “The Hills Lyrics”

A good way to get to know your friends better would be to review their google search histories.

In case you were wondering about mine:

1. Crepe Filling Ideas
2. Panda Nanny Salary
3. Pancit
4. Rash Guard SPF Efficacy
5. Latte Art DIY
6. Best Hiking in US
7. Boxcar Children Series
8. Slitlamp Review
9. The Hills Weekend Lyrics
10. Heartburn Fe

As I type this, I’m starting to think there is real potential for a new dating app that simply posts a picture of you (preferably a terrible one) and your 5 most recent google searches.

I see you also researched the efficacy of long sleeve swimwear vs sunscreen this week?? Let’s get married and have 3 children. If they are really pale and prone to sunburns, we will just get them rash guards!!! 

 (hypothetical intro message sent by yours truly)

I think I will call this app “I Erased My Google Search History Before I Joined This App And Now I Exclusively Stalk My Exes Using Bing.”   IEMGSHBIJTAANIESMEUB for short.

Are you still reviewing my list? I must confess that I did actually skip over one of my top 10 most recently searched items. It was “Joelle Fletcher ex-boyfriend.” For those watching Bachelor, I know you understand. I had to research it.

I also researched crepe fillings this past weekend. My grandparents served a really delicious crepe dish when I visited them a few weeks ago. When I received a copy of my Grandma Nan’s recipe in the mail, I knew I had to make them for myself ASAP. I don’t think mine were anywhere near as good as hers, but I look forward to attempting them again sometime soon… right after I finish hiking around the US on my panda nanny salary.

Sings “I only call you when it’s half past five….” 

Basic Crepe Recipe
Source: Nancy C.
Printable Recipe

4 eggs
1C flour*
2T sugar
1C milk
1/4C water
1T butter, melted and cooled slightly

Beat eggs in a mixing bowl. Beat in sugar.
Gradually add flour – by mixing in a little bit of flour and then a little bit of milk and water. Whisk until smooth.
Beat in butter.
Refrigerate batter for at least 1 hour (up to 1 day).
Cook on crepe griddle or nonstick skillet.
Yield: 20-25 crepes

* If you are a classically trained French chef, don’t read this part. I successfully substituted white whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour. My crepes were a little thicker than traditional crepes, but I didn’t mind it.

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