Roasted Banana Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month and I’ve yet to post a single ice cream recipe.  Let’s change that pronto.

I scream.

Not always for ice cream.

Sometimes, it’s for popsicles or chocolates or chips/salsa or (occasionally) it’s at another driver on the road, a coworker, or a family member.

However, when we are talking about roasted banana ice cream, I’m probably screaming out of pure joy. It’s smooth, creamy, cool, and tastes like bananas (banana ice cream tastes like bananas?!?!?). It’s even better if you throw some peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, or berries on top.

Scream a little. It’s the summer.


Roasted Banana Ice Cream
Source: My Second Breakfast
Printable Recipe

5 ripe bananas
1/2C whole milk
1 3/4C heavy cream
1tsp vanilla extract
3/4C sugar
1/2tsp salt

Preheat oven to 400.
Cut bananas in 1/2 and wrap in aluminum foil.
Roast at 400 for 15 minutes. Remove and let cool.
Remove banana skins and transfer cooled banana to blender.
Blend bananas and whole milk until pureed.
Over medium heat, combine cream, vanilla, sugar, and salt. Heat until sugar is dissolved, stirring to avoid scalding the milk.
Once the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat. Combine with banana mixture. Taste and add more sugar or salt if needed.
Transfer mixture to fridge and let cool completely.
Once mixture is completely cold, transfer to your ice cream maker and finish ice cream according to your ice cream maker’s directions (i.e. time churning, etc).
Remove from ice cream maker and freeze for a few hours.
Serve with toppings of choice.

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