Car Concerts


I’m a car singer and I mean that in a very serious way. I’m not talking ‘fa-la-la-la-la’ mumbling to the tunes of one’s favorite song, but more so all out screaming, dancing, and occasional hand drumming to everything from classic rock to the annoying ads for the local carpet installation company. I’m a car singing maniac and I’d probably list it off as one of my top 5 ways to reduce stress.  Besides,  the car and the shower are two people in my life who don’t seem to care  if I’m 2 octaves too low and 2 beats behind. A singer I am. A good singer I am not.

Along with being an annoyingly and sometimes disturbingly loud car songstress, I also have acquired the habit of being an obsessive radio satiation changer. I listen to each song for about 10-15 seconds before changing it, because really, there could be an even better song on another station. One wouldn’t want to miss it. Many times, my risk taking is rewarded and I find the ultimate song in lieu of the ‘meh’ song I’ve left behind.


But every so often, I run into this problem:

99.5  — Amazing song
96.3 — Equally amazing song
101.1 — Ohmergerd I haven’t heard this song in forever
98.3 — No! I love this song too
101.3  — Best song ever!

And, I’m left defeated. I can’t chose and I can’t really listen to all 6 at the same time. 2? I can probably go back and forth between 2, but not 6. The lights fade, the curtains close, my microphone goes silent, and I’m left as a silent driver.

Life is so hard.

— new topic — new topic — new topic —

This salad is pretty darn good and the dressing is even better. The original recipe had a different green goddess recipe, which I’m sure is delightful.  Confession: I’m not a big avocado fan. I’m sorry if I just made your heart skip a beat and/or you stop liking me altogether, but I just haven’t really jumped on the avocado bandwagon. I’m sorry.

The salad has greens (spinach, kale, chard — you choose!), quinoa (because everything should have a sprinkling of quinoa), radishes (for ‘ze crunch), walnuts (for ze more crunch), and edamame (for a bit more green) all topped with a super delish (and green) dressing. It’s palate pleasing, healthy, and green. Errrbody loves a super green salad.


Green Goddess Quinoa Salad Bowl
Source: The Kitchn
Dressing Source: A Couple Cooks
Printable Recipe

For the dressing:
2 green onions
1/2 jalapeño pepper, seeded and ribs removed
2/3C greek yogurt
1/2C cilantro
1 lime, juiced
1/3C olive oil
1/2tsp salt
1T honey

For the salad:
1C uncooked quinoa
3C greens (spinach, arugula, chard)
1C cooked edamame
1/2C chopped walnuts
4 radishes, sliced thin
1/2tsp crushed red pepper flakes
salt, pepper

For the dressing:

In a food processor or blender, combine chopped scallions, diced jalapeño pepper, yogurt, cilantro and lime. Start to blend and drizzle in 1/3 cup olive oil. Add salt and honey. Continue to blend. Taste and adjust seasonings.

For the salad:

Cook quinoa according to package directions. Once cooked, set aside to cool to slightly.
Toss quinoa (it can still be warm) and greens. Top with edamame, radishes, walnuts, crushed red pepper flake, salt and pepper.
Top with a few tablespoons of dressing.


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