Look! I’m a Photographer. JK. LOL.

Take 1:


Take 2: DSC_0026

I bought a camera!  I bought a camera! I bought a camera! As evidenced above, I’m getting better already!

Things I’ve learned so far:
1. I am not a photographer
2. No camera can make ugly food pretty
3. My plating skills need work
4. The sun needs to come out more
5. Pretending to be a photographer is fun
6. Pretending to be a photographer is not the same thing as being a photographer

Please forgive me if you see a lot of bad photography in the coming weeks. Practice makes perfect you better, or so I’ve been told. I guess we shall see.


Sweet & Sour Tofu
Original Source: Vegan YumYum
Printable Recipe

For the tofu:
1 block extra-firm tofu, drained, pressed, and cubed
1/4C cornstarch
1/4C canola or peanut oil

For the stir fry:
1 red pepper, chopped into 1/2inch pieces
1 green bell pepper, chopped into 1/2inch pieces
1-2 pineapple rings (fresh or canned), chopped
1/2 of medium sized yellow onion, cut into 1/2inch wedges

For the sauce:
3 1/2T seasoned rice vinegar
1/4C water
3T sugar
1T tamari
1T ketchup
1tsp molasses
1/4tsp ginger powder
1/2tsp salt
1 1/2T cornstarch + 1T water

Toss the cubed tofu into cornstarch until coated.
In a non-stick pan, heat oil over medium-high heat.
While oil is heating, make the sauce. Combine all sauce ingredients, except the cornstarch/water mixture. Place ingredients in a sauce pan over low heat. Heat until sugar and salt are dissolved. Keep an eye on this mixture because it can burn quickly. Once sugar/salt are dissolved, whisk in slurry (cornstarch-water) mixture. Stir constantly until it thickens, about 1 minute. Immediately take off the heat. Set aside.
Once oil is hot, add tofu pieces. Don’t add all the tofu at once (you will decrease the heat of the oil too much and crowd the pan). Fry for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Flip and cook until golden on other side. Pull cooked pieces out. Place on paper towel to allow extra oil to drain off. Set aside.
In a different pan, heat 1T of olive oil. Use a wok if you have one. Add onions and peppers. Stir fry for 3-4 minutes, until onions are translucent. Add pineapple pieces and cook for additional 2 minutes. Add in fried tofu pieces. Add in sauce. Heat through.
Serve immediately. Serving suggestion: rice.


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