Say No To GPS and BBQ Chickpea Burgers

I don’t believe in GPS.

I refuse to own one. I even refuse to use one.

I refuse to acknowledge its utility in certain situations.

I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to refuse its existence.

I just don’t want that computerized lady voice yelling at me to turn here, turn there, approach my destination, etc.

I will find my own way thank you very much, computerized lady voice.

I say no to GPS. It’s a principal. We all have them.

I don’t believe in expensive haircuts either – a different principal and an explanation for my lop-sided hairdo.

I guess you could argue its a control problem.

I choose to think that getting lost every now and then isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Besides, I’ve heard that only the lost get found.

Say no to GPS.

Just say no.

BBQ Chickpea Burgers
Source: adapted from How Sweet It Is
Printable Recipe

1/2C broccoli florets
1 medium carrot, peeled and roughly chopped
1/2C shredded sharp cheddar cheese + a few slices for topping
1 (15oz) can garbanzo beans (i.e. chickpeas), drained and rinsed
2T BBQ sauce + more for topping
1/3C oat flour (grind old-fashioned oats in food processor)
salt, pepper
1/2tsp smoked paprika
1/4tsp onion powder
1/3C old fashioned oats (optional – see note)
red onion  (optional: caramelize them in olive oil or use them raw – for topping)
buns (4-6 depending on thickness of patty)

In a food processor, combine broccoli and carrot. Pulse until very fine. Add cheddar cheese, garbanzo beans, BBQ sauce, oat flour, salt, pepper, paprika, and onion powder. Pulse until well-combined. If you want your burger to have a more chunky texture, pulse less. Otherwise, pulse to smithereens.

Note: the first time I made this recipe, I thought the burger was way too mushy. I added 1/3C dry oats into my pulsed mixture. Decide at this point if you like the consistency. Feel free to add 1/3C (or more) old fashioned oats. Stir the oats in to the pureed chickpea mixture.

Taste and adjust seasonings! Remove mixture from food processor. Shape into patties. Refrigerate patties for 30 minutes (or longer).

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan. Add patties to hot oil and cook for 3-4 minutes per side, until golden. Serve on buns with extra BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce – major deliciousness.


One thought on “Say No To GPS and BBQ Chickpea Burgers

  1. Sorry to tell you this, but you are wrong. GPS is life changing. Also, since you now are breaking all of your rules and friending people on facebook, I am going to start breaking down this rule of yours. WInning!

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