A few years ago at Christmas time, my grandma decided to take the train from Milwaukee to Minneapolis to visit us for the holiday season. Unfortunately, a wicked winter storm would have her stranded in the Milwaukee train station for nearly an entire day. Never one to miss an opportunity, she rallied a group of fellow passengers together (in her words) ‘to form an alliance against Amtrak.’ She started a petition and argued with the workers at the train station. Not only did the stranded passengers get free food delivered from an upscale local restaurant, but they also ended up with free train tickets and a local news story. She arrived at our house in Minnesota over 24hours late, looking rather exhausted and a bit frazzled. Upon entering our house, she gave us huge hugs and declared, ‘It’s called German determination. Let’s call it Germination. Germination – we all have it. It’s in our blood! Germination! Don’t let anything stop you.’ Then she headed upstairs and slept for about 10 hours straight. At the time, we laughed about it.

Germination? What was she talking about? 

She was right.


It puts the fight in the fighter.

It gives you the strength to run 13.1 miles in 91% humidity when you really just want to go home and hug your mom.

It’s what a little old lady uses when she rallies a group of strangers to fight for a cause she believes in.

It’s what allows you to believe that there will be a better tomorrow, even if today certainly wasn’t that great.

Germination. We all have it. It’s in our blood.


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