A Green Drink That’s Not a Shamrock Shake

I’ve seen a bajillion rainbows. I’ve even see a double rainbow (I just yelled ‘OMG!’ for all the youtube fans). I’ve never found a pot of gold or a four-leaf clover. I’ve never even had a shamrock shake.

Nothing says Irish like a Tropical Green Smoothies.

Ok. I’ll admit it. This isn’t your average St. Patrick’s Day treat. Pineapple? Mango? Coconut? Spinach? Not exactly the tastes of Ireland.

The only thing “St. Patrick-y” about this is the fabulous green color.

Let’s be honest though, did you really want me to post about a mashed-potato, cabbage, and corned beef smoothie? I didn’t think so.

This is a real treat and I am sure anyone would be satisfied if they found this tropical smoothie at the end of a rainbow.

Although, a pot-o-gold would be nice too…


Tropical Green Smoothie
Source: 2 Peas and Their Pod via Zupas
Printable Source

1/2 frozen banana
1C mango chunks (frozen or fresh)
1/2C pineapple chunks (frozen or fresh)
1C almond or soy milk
2C baby spinach
1/2C ice (or 1/2C ice made from coconut water for extra-tropical treat)

Throw everything into blender. Blend until you feel content. Enjoy.

Serves 2 leprechauns


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