I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for Sour Cream?

We recently purchased an ice cream maker. Since that time we have been quite busy testing every ice cream recipe on the planet. So far so good. We have gained a few pounds here and there, but we have discovered that homemade ice cream is seriously delicious… and so easy to make. This recipe is really good. This ice cream is creamy-licious and has a tart/sweet/sour combination that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream
Source: The Perfect Scoop by Dave Lebovitz via Elly Says Opa

1lb strawberries, cleaned, hulled, and sliced
3/4C sugar
1C whole milk
1C sour cream
1/2tsp lemon juice
1T vodka or kirsch (optional)

Throw sliced strawberries in a bowl with the sugar. Stir together and let the 2 hang out on the counter for 30-60minutes. At this point, they should be good and juicy. In a food processor or blender, combine strawberry/sugar mixture, whole milk, sour cream, and lemon juice(also alcohol if you plan on adding it). Pulse to combine. Pulse more if you hate strawberry chunks in your ice cream. Pulse like crazy if you are afraid of someone identifying real strawberries in their strawberry ice cream. Are you done pulsing? Take your delicious ice cream liquid and place it in the fridge for an hour or two, until it is nice and cold. Pour your cold mixture into your ice cream maker — and let it rip. We churned it for about 25-30min and then froze the mixture in the freezer for a few hours. Grab a friend and enjoy the deliciousness together. A-mazing.


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