Strawberry Margarita

Woah! Its been a long long while. Fear not, I’ve still been cooking. The other day (after a looooooooooooooooong week) a dear friend and I decided to indulge in a margarita. We bought the mix, added some ice and an extra shot of tequila for good measure and before you know it, we had created a disgustingly sweet, fake tasting, absolutely no good beverage. The only thing worse than an incredibly stressful and long week is a terrible tasting drink at the very end of it. Since this unfortunate event, I have found a much much better recipe.

Strawberry Margarita
Source: Annie’s Eats

1C frozen whole strawberries
6T tequila (+/- an additional 6T depending on mental state)
1/4C frozen limeade concentrate**
2T triple sec
2C crushed ice

Throw above in a blender. Enjoy.

**I have since successfully substituted other flavors including, frozen lemonade concentrate and raspberry. All delicious.

****Also I am pretty darn sure you could throw in a splash of soda (?sprite) and/or juice and create a good tasting slushy/virgin drink.

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